Poetry Workshops

I conduct lively, interactive poetry workshops for kids and teachers. My goal is to get workshop participants excited about expressing themselves through writing their own poetry. At the end of each workshop, kids have at least one finished poem to share with others. My visits range from one-hour workshops to month-long residencies. I’m very flexible and can tailor my programs to fit the needs and interests of both teachers and students.

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Sample Programs 

“My Special Place” Poetry Workshop for Grades 3-8:
In this classroom workshop, I use my award-winning poem, “My Brother and I and the World,” to inspire children to write poetry about their own special places. I talk about being a writer and share early stories and excerpts from my childhood diaries. Children do a guided “quickwrite” before listening to and discussing my poem. I then work with students to help them turn their quickwrites into poetry.


Through sharing both my poetry and the work of other poets, as well as helpful writing techniques, I work with children to produce a book of their own poetry. Residency includes planning session(s) with the classroom teacher to determine length of residence, frequency of visits, focus of lessons, and possible links to other areas of the curriculum

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Recommended Books

Here are some books I recommend to teachers and others interested in teaching and writing poetry.

  • Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem from the Inside Out, Ralph Fletcher, Harper Trophy, 2002
  • Wishes, Lies and Dreams: Teaching Children to Write Poetry,Kenneth Koch, HarperCollins, 1970
  • Rose, Where Did You Get That Red? Teaching Great Poetry to Children, Kenneth Koch,
  • Vintage Books, Random House, 1973, 1990
  • Poetry from A to Z: A Guide for Young Writers, Paul B. Janeczko, Bradbury Press, 1994
  • Seeing the Blue Between: Advice and Inspiration for Young Poets,Paul B. Janezko, Candlewick Press, 2002
  • Pass the Poetry, Please! Lee Bennett Hopkins, HarperCollins, 1998
  • poemcrazy: freeing your life with words, Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, Three Rivers Press, 1996
  • For the Good of the Earth and Sun: Teaching Poetry, Georgia Heard, Heinemann Books, 1989